21 January, 2009

Testimonials I wrote


Mbdck.exe is stand-alone piece of crap that may or may not do what was expected, or written in the books of fate; when you crossed that person you never wanted to notice you in the first place. She is a role model for all the *Bleep* misfits and an inspiration for those who died waiting that things might change for good ;) Some of my fav qualities ladies n gentlemen, include: flexiblility, high resistance to external stimuli, extreme tangibility, wash n wear drip dry... you mess with me, I will stare @ you with my branded glasses... & I will n I can fix this attitude. And may I also suggest that one shouldn't let that calm look distract you, she can be that 9/11 you were wishing you never had to experience ;). I guess the only things that bind us together are Tony & our love for self destruction!! ;)


Sundas Yasmin, Ladies and Gentlemen, is by far at the top of my personal list of 'People’s magazine's noisiest persons in the world’. She is the kind of person who gets a haircut and then buys a gun, makes every one choose to either say nice things about the haircut, or face the gun. She is the girl who turns green in front of the camera, doesn’t like the picture, beats the crap out of the photographer, and then uses the gun to make everyone say that she 'actually' looks prettier than the damn pictures (which, according to the eternal laws of proportion and the third law of motion, is incorrect; but we say it anyway for the sake of our lives!). She also happens to have a natural interest in anything that sounds even remotely cheap-ish, like magroor laylas, frAndshipping communities, tadpoles, hArt shaped gifts... and U-know-wAts.
Being next-seat pArosans, we have outranked all the sane-ists of 'YAYA land' & out classed all the wAnna-frAndship freaks of the universe. The most creditable invention of this partnership being the ‘kuttification’ dictionary, which, when released will break the records of the so called Parry Hotter regime, and bring a better future for the under privileged & under aged, & forever will be remembered the names of Lal Pari & Basanti who kicked J.K.Rowling’s @$$!!