20 May, 2008

Deciding to Live

Have you ever had one of those walks, when the sun is piercing through your skin but you can't feel the heat, because the pain in your heart is so much more?

I still remember the day when I decided to walk away from it all. With the air that I breathe left behind me, I decided to live... that moment, that freedom, that one breath - for myself, for once.

Isbah Z

17 May, 2008

Heart Decides?

Life does not work on formulas or facts. It works on experiences and reasons. Its only when the experiences that life has to offer grow on you, that you realize the true reason for your existence. And its only then, that the faith in you makes you see the existence of God, even in the falling of leaves.

Its your faith that tells you that even when things are falling apart, happiness exists. For its only when old leaves fall, the new ones can grow. And when the new ones grow, the faith strengthens. And its your faith, that makes you understand that the stories you have read about Heaven & Hell are not just stories. The heart finds its own heaven in the blessings of life, the hug of a friend, the prayer of a mother, & that the hell in life comes with the tragedies of life... the heart break, the trauma... the accidents.

Its true. The heart decides.

And when it does, you find another world inside the world you live in. But to see this world, the leaves have to fall. For its only when the old leaves fall, the new ones can grow!

Isbah Z, on the post Heart Decides on Syra's blog.